Here’s why Lake Havasu City is considered ‘Arizona’s Playground’

Field Trip Friday is sponsored by Sanderson Ford.
A beautiful lake mixed with a cozy environment full of recreation makes it a relaxing...
A beautiful lake mixed with a cozy environment full of recreation makes it a relaxing destination for those seeking to flee the city.(Arizona's Family)
Published: May. 19, 2023 at 8:22 AM MST
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LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Drive just a few hours northwest of Phoenix, and you’ll discover the hidden treasure that is Lake Havasu. While most wouldn’t align Arizona with water recreation, this destination is the next best thing to being near the ocean.

A Treasured Gift From Across The Pond

The London Bridge is Arizona's second most visited attraction; so how did we end up with it? (Field Trip Friday is sponsored by Sanderson Ford)

No need to go overseas to explore a part of U.K. history. A real London Bridge made its way to Arizona more than five decades ago. The bridge, now found in Lake Havasu City, was built in 1831 on the River Thames in London, but when it started sinking, it was auctioned and acquired by the founder of Lake Havasu City. Now, that same bridge connects the small island on the Colorado River to the mainland.

Reel ‘em In!

What's a lake without fishing? Lake Havasu is plentiful between February-April but so much is still for grabs year-round.

Bass fishing. It’s a popular thing to do around these parts. Considered one of the top 100 places to fish in the U.S. year-round, we featured Captain Aaron Wiley from Lake Havasu Experience, who guides us through what it takes to haul in a largemouth or smallmouth bass.

Tiki Haven in the Desert

Crusin' Tiki Tour is a fun way to drink safely on the water.

We’re heading out on the water with Cruisin’ Tikis at Lake Havasu! The Tikis include cruises to Bridgewater Channel and Thompson Bay. They have multiple locations across the nation but only two in the West. We’re going on board the only tiki cruises in Arizona. We’ll talk to this location’s owner about what you can expect from the tours.

Get A (Sober) Ride On The Water

To avoid drunk boating, this cool program helps keep you safe while on the water.

The Lake Havasu Marine Association has launched the Designated Captain Program with Coast Guard-certified captains who launch and pilot a boat for you. Think “Uber on water.” The program is modeled after the Designated Driver program to provide licensed, trained and sober designated operators.

Daring Water Sports For The Brave

Lake Havasu City is the capital of one of the most daring sports in the world! The U.S. PWC Freestyle Championship just happened over the weekend, which is the tour that separates freestyle competition from high-speed racing on personal watercraft. Even though the competition took place last weekend, some of the top U.S. freestyle athletes are homegrown -- and will perform their unbelievable aerial maneuvers, back flips, and barrel rolls live on air!

Meet ‘The Gambler’

A&E TV Star Darrell Sheets is doing much more than just buying abandoned lockers in the southwest. See what he's up to in Arizona.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets knows it! Darrell Sheets of the hit A&E show Storage Wars fame calls Lake Havasu City home and recently opened a new business called “Show Me Your Junk.” Sheets displays and sells a massive inventory of his items at the shop he acquired at local garage and estate sales from Lake Havasu City. In the past, he’s made high-risk bids on abandoned storage lockers, and now a new season of the iconic show premieres in June.