On Your Side recovers more than $14K during April

On Your Side is always here to expose unscrupulous behavior and, in many cases, get your money back.
Published: May. 2, 2023 at 2:40 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - David Navarro says thanks to On Your Side, he finally has a check for just over $3,054. In a previous report, David explained how he took his wrecked vehicle to Service King Collision Center to be repaired. His insurance carrier called ClearCover sent over $3,054 to start the repairs but changed its mind and declared the vehicle a total loss. The $3,054 was supposed to be forwarded to David to settle the claim, but 7 months later he hadn’t received his money. When On Your Side got involved, Navarro aid he finally got his money.

Marija Radulovic paid Perfect Teeth upfront for a dental procedure to straighten her teeth, a procedure that takes months to complete. After paying, Perfect Teeth sold to another company that did not offer the same dental procedure that Marija already paid for. When On Your Side looked into the issue, Perfect Teeth sent a check back to Marija for around $4,000. “Yes, I’m so glad. We’re so excited and so glad we did it. We’re very thankful to Gary Harper and his team,” Marija said.

April’s stories also featured several fake contractors accused of vanishing with customers’ money. Ray Dean was paid $4,500 to put in a wrought iron fence in Wanda Lee’s front yard. But after installing a few metal posts, he never came back and vanished with Lee’s money. When confronted on the phone, Dean said he never met anyone named Wanda Lee or any of the other viewers who claim he took their money. She said while On Your Side may not have been able to return her money, she’s glad to know others won’t fall victim to Dean.

“I know what he is now. He’s a conman,” she said to On Your Side. “I don’t expect to get my money back. But if there’s some way to lock him up and put him in jail for a while, I’ll be happy.”

On Your Side is always here to expose unscrupulous behavior and, in many cases, get your money back. In the full month of April, we were able to recover $14,385, bringing the entire year to a grand total of $213,677.