Sun City senior wants furniture refund after not receiving items

A Sun City woman never got the furniture she ordered and is still waiting for the refund she was promised so she called On Your Side.
Published: Mar. 30, 2023 at 6:15 PM MST
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SUN CITY, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — Catherine Tagliaferri has lived in her Sun City home for decades. She recently decided to spruce up her living room. “After having it 30 years, I decided I want an upgrade, change of pace, different style,” she said.

So Tagliaferri took a part-time job in a Valley factory just to make money to buy the furniture and then went shopping online. She came across a company based in Mississippi called ACF Wholesale. “And I saw this ACF (Wholesale), which had a large selection of the style I was looking for about the same price -- a little cheaper, but not that much cheaper,” she said. “And I thought well, I’ll go with them.”

Tagliaferri bought a stand for her TV and two end tables. The total was $628. That was back in April of last year. She knew there were problems only a short time after she placed the order. “Well, August rolls around and I won’t get it ‘til September and then November and then December,” she said. “And by then I had just had it and I was getting no results.” In January, ACF Wholesale told Tagliaferri she could cancel the order and they would refund her money. She agreed, but up until now, she hasn’t seen a dime.

A Lake Havasu woman says her refund got lost when a concert was canceled and she closed her bank account so she called On Your Side.

On Your Side looked into ACF Wholesale and we discovered Tagliaferri isn’t the only one. In fact, the Better Business Bureau gives the company an “F” rating with dozens and dozens of complaints from customers who never got their furniture or a refund. “Still waiting for my refund from July. What a joke. This is so wrong on so many levels,” one consumer wrote. “Horrible. Cheats. Robbers.” “Do not order from this company,” another consumer wrote.

Tagliaferri decided she couldn’t wait any longer and bought similar items from a different company online. The retiree even put them together herself. But she’s still out that $628 and turned to On Your Side to get it back. “I’m coming to a dead end,” she said. “I just can’t go no more with this and maybe you guys can help me out a little bit and I would be the happiest old lady in Arizona!”

On Your Side has reached out to ACF Wholesale. So far, no response. But we will stay on this and we’ll bring you what we find in a follow-up report.