Zombie Hunter’s ex-wife testifies she feared for her safety

Bryan Miller's ex-wife called him a sexual sadist in the so-called Zombie Hunter but the defense team grilled her over why she didn't bring up concerns before.
Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 6:51 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Bryan Patrick Miller’s former wife testified Wednesday in the so-called Zombie Hunter trial that she feared for her safety after leaving Miller in 2006. Miller is charged with the brutal murders of Angela Brosso and Melanie Bernas, which happened in 1992 and 1993, near the Arizona Canal in north central Phoenix. They were referred to as the Phoenix Canal Killings.

Amy Miller testified for two days in mid-March but was called back to the witness stand this week. Amy, who now goes by the last name Loving, described Miller as sexually sadistic. She testified that he used to stick needles through her skin, on her breasts and vaginal area.

The following exchange took place as the prosecutor questioned Amy about why she moved in with another man immediately after leaving Miller.

Prosecutor: Did you feel that it was necessary to have another partner before you left him?

Amy: Yes.

Prosecutor: Why?

Amy: I didn’t believe he would stand up to another male in order to hurt me.

Prosecutor: Were you worried that he would hurt you if you didn’t have another male to protect you?

Amy: Yes.

About midday Wednesday, defense attorney Denise Dees began cross-examining the witness. At one point, she honed in on why Amy never brought up a fear of Bryan during their divorce proceedings or during hearings over the custody of their daughter, Sarah.

Here is an exchange:

Dees: So you had a chance to be heard in front of the court about who Sarah should live with, correct?

Amy: That is correct.

Dees: And at that time, you didn’t say Bryan is a dangerous man, correct?

Amy: That is correct.

Dees: You didn’t tell them, ‘Bryan told me about stabbing a girl in Washington. I think that he could hurt my daughter,’ correct?

Amy: That is correct.

Dees: And you never told the judge, ‘I’m scared for my life,’ and therefore, I don’t want my daughter living with him, correct?

Amy: That is correct.

The defense is trying to convince the judge that she should find Miller not guilty by reason of insanity. Prosecutors are asking for the death penalty. Closing arguments could begin the first week of April.