Surprise Squad helps woman who’s known for helping others

Surprise Squad is sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers
Beverly used to be very generous with her money to help others in need but between a job loss and rent increase, it's become harder to make ends meet.
Published: Mar. 30, 2023 at 12:20 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Meet Beverly, who’s described as an amazing person as well as an amazing pianist. 

She plays the piano and organ at a number of churches in the Valley, while also staying involved in prison ministry and hospice. She’s the type of person who is always giving out hugs to both people she knows, as well as strangers. She’s kind, generous, and all that matters to her is helping others.

Her dear friend Andrea reached out to the Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad to say Beverly was experiencing some hard times financially. Her apartment building was sold, so Beverly had to move to a more expensive place and had to sell her piano to help pay for the move. And it should come as no surprise that the Surprise Squad found her practicing piano at the United Church of Sun City.

Arizona’s Family reporter Ian Schwartz approached Beverly inside the church and introduced himself. “I’m with Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad and people had a lot of wonderful things to say about you, and we want to give you a wonderful surprise.”

The two started talking about Beverly’s challenges. She explained that she used to be very generous with her money as a way to help others in need. But between a job loss during the pandemic and the rent increase at her new place, she says it’s becoming harder and harder to make ends meet.

“We would need a week to go over all the amazing things you do for the community,” Ian told her. “But the reason I’m here talking to you is to try to practice what you preach and that is giving back.” He handed her an envelope from the Valley Toyota Dealers and encouraged her to open it. Beverly pulled out a certificate saying she was going to receive $5,000.

She thanked Ian, but Ian told her to thank Andrea, who came up to Beverly and gave her a big hug. Then Andrea started to sing the church hymnal, “You Raise Me Up.” Taking the cue, Beverly sat down at the piano and accompanied her in a beautiful, heartfelt duet.