Peoria homeowner finally gets $13,256 refund from solar company

He’s been waiting seven months for solar installation
According to Bob Fisher, ADT Solar contacted him a few days later, apologized, and mailed him two checks totaling $13,256.
Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 5:27 PM MST|Updated: Mar. 28, 2023 at 6:33 PM MST
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PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Bob Fisher has owned his Peoria home for nearly 30 years and has no plans on moving. “When I built out here, there was nothing. It was kind of remote. And it’s still real nice. It’s peaceful. Everybody knows each other and it’s a great area,” he told On Your Side.

Knowing he’ll be here for years to come, Bob looked into going solar and came across a company that caught his eye. ADT Solar. If it sounds familiar, it’s part of ADT Security, which has been around for decades. “Their name. You know I bought it because of their name in hoping I wouldn’t have any issues.”

Well, there are issues. Bob says he signed the ADT Solar contract in August of last year and handed over more than $13,256 to start having solar equipment installed on his roof. According to the contract, the project would be completed in 120 days or less.

But, seven months later, Bob says not a single solar panel has been installed. “We’re way over 120 days,” On Your Side’s Gary Harper said. Bob replied, “Yeah, we’re way past that and as you can see nothing has been done except for a lot of unanswered phone calls from them.”

Frustrated and wanting his $13,256 returned, Bob got a hold of On Your Side. He said, “I thought, this is out of hand. I’m going to submit this thing and see if I even get a call back. And low and behold, I get a call the very next day. You called me personally.”

On Your Side reached out to ADT Solar, told them about Bob’s frustration, and asked if they would consider returning Bob’s $13,256. After all, he’s been waiting seven months. According to Bob, ADT Solar contacted him a few days later, apologized, and mailed him two checks totaling $13,256. Bob says it only happened after On Your Side got involved. “I tell you what, I’ve waiting for something to happen and as soon as Gary Harper got involved I got my money returned so I appreciate it.”

The solar company never did explain what happened and what went wrong for seven months. Regardless, Bob has his money back in his pocket.