Lake Havasu woman finally gets refund after ‘raging’ over money getting ‘lost’

A Lake Havasu woman says her refund got lost when a concert was canceled and she closed her bank account so she called On Your Side.
Published: Mar. 22, 2023 at 4:34 PM MST
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LAKE HAVASU, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- When concerts are canceled, it usually means a full refund but getting your money back doesn’t always go the way that you planned.

Debra Porte loves the band Rage Against The Machine, so when the band announced it was getting back together and going on tour in 2020, she said she couldn’t miss it. Porte even planned to take her kids. “To get tickets was so hard,” she said. “I had to sit on this thing for hours just to try to get the right seats, the right tickets. They kept selling out, selling out, selling out. Finally got ‘em, and then, COVID.”

The coronavirus pandemic wound up postponing a lot of concerts, including the one Debra had plans to attend. Eventually, Debra’s favorite band went from postponed to cancel. “Unfortunately, I got cancer, like right after I got the tickets,” she said. “And they cancel, and I go, ‘I ain’t dying before I see this frickin’ concert.’ I want to see this concert.”

The cancellation meant Porte would be getting a refund totaling $580, but there was a problem. She had used her Bank of America card to buy the tickets but in between the cancellation and the refund, Porte closed the account. When it came time for the refund to be issued, the money somehow disappeared. “I was fighting between Ticketmaster and Bank of America,” she said, “Both of them saying ‘We don’t have it, They have it, No we don’t, blah blah blah.’”

Porte said she didn’t know where else to turn, so she reached out to On Your Side. “I watch you guys all the time,” she said, “I thought maybe you guys could figure this one out because I’m not getting anywhere. It’s very frustrating.” Fortunately with On Your Side’s help, Bank of America managed to track down her $580. They resolved the issue as soon as we brought it to their attention and this viewer is happy.