Bullhead City school reports vandalism by students hoping to cancel class

Bullhead City is named after "Bull's Head Rock", a now submerged rock formation along the...
Bullhead City is named after "Bull's Head Rock", a now submerged rock formation along the Colorado River.(Bullhead City)
Published: Feb. 7, 2023 at 3:45 PM MST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - School administrators in Bullhead City have reported vandalism in campus bathrooms by students who posted on social media that the crimes were in an attempt to shut the building down.

“In addition to the damage that has already been done, we’ve received reports from the Bullhead City Police Department and others of students’ social media threats to inflict even more damage, primarily by clogging plumbing,” said Middle School Principal Cynthia Cochran.

Emergency repairs were done last week on a main sewer line to remove multiple pairs of underwear, officials said. Sweaters and plastic cups were also found blocking toilets and students reportedly urinated on the walls.

Clumps of tampons were flushed down toilets that were “far in excess of normal use,” by students and adults on campus.

The administration said it will not tolerate more vandalism and “the miscreants will be disciplined,” while the school will not be closed if the destruction continues.

Outside contractors had to be hired to make the repairs, officials said. Cochran asked parents to talk to their students about responsibility and behavior.

“Let me be direct. If the restrooms are inoperative, we’ll bring in porta-potties. What some see as pranks may be felonies,” she said.