Scottsdale police warning drivers of new parking ticket scam

Scammers are now putting fake citations on parked cars in Old Town Scottsdale.
Published: Dec. 28, 2022 at 9:49 PM MST
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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Old Town Scottsdale is a scammer’s new playground. They’re targeting parked vehicles with fake citations.

“This year, there’s been so many scams. Like part of me is surprised and the other part of me is not surprised,” said China Carnella, a shopper. She could have easily been a victim. However, when asked if she would have questioned a ticket on her van, she said, “no.”

Scottsdale police wants people to question a parking ticket before paying up, just in case it’s a scam. Officer Aaron Bolin said a group of people stopped by police headquarters with questionable parking citations last week.

Those tickets turned out to be fake. “The red flags we’re warning people of will be a QR code where it only says you can take care of a citation by paying it. That’s not true. Another red flag, would be no violations listed whatsoever,” said Officer Bolin.

He said the QR code on the fake ticket takes people straight to a payment page where their information is stolen. An authentic citation will have the city’s seal on it. It will also include a specific citation number with the option to contest the ticket.

Carnella didn’t know about the scam but is now ready to spot a fake one if ever left on her vehicle. “If in the event that we do get a ticket on our windshield, we would definitely investigate it before paying it,” she said.

If anyone receives a ticket that seems questionable, you can have it verified by calling the Scottsdale PD’s Records Unit at (480)312-1999. You’re asked to wait 24 hours after receiving a citation before calling due to citations taking a day to enter the system.