Top 5 secrets to score a deal when holiday shopping

“Honey” Alerts You When An Item Is Cheaper Somewhere Else
The holiday season is a great way to score a deal so On Your Side looks at the best ways to save.
Updated: Dec. 12, 2022 at 6:00 AM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Who doesn’t like to score a deal when it comes to holiday shopping?

So, let’s start with Tip #1. To ensure you’re getting the best deal, download a browser extension called “Honey.” Ken Colburn is a tech and computer expert. “As you’re shopping, and you’re going to make a purchase, Honey will actually check to see if the product is for a better price somewhere else or Honey will offer you a coupon or special code in order to get a discount,” Ken told On Your Side.

And it works! On Your Side came across this air fryer for $229. But Honey alerted us that the same air fryer was $80 cheaper at another store.

Tip #2. Download the retailer’s app. That’s because stores constantly send out deals to consumers that they believe are loyal. And downloading their app makes you look loyal. “They want to entice you to put the app on your phone because it gives them the ability to communicate with you. So, a lot of times they will only give those deals to people who have downloaded the app.” Many times those apps offer coupons or codes to give the cashier.

Tip #3. If you use Amazon, use their wish list. For example, we found these speakers for $577 but didn’t buy them. However, when we put them in our wish and checked back later, those same speakers went down to $329, a 43% drop. The same thing happened with this guitar amp selling for $129. But when we put it on our wish list, the price went down to $77.

Tip #4. Always look for hard-to-find coupons. For example, we found this camping item selling for $699. But then we found a coupon attached for $200 off. Remember, you must click on it to get the discount.

Tip #5. Always buy refurbished when it comes to electronics. Ken says, “Things like smart phones, tables, TV’s. They really don’t have any switches that can wear out or what have you. They’re generally pretty safe to buy refurbished directly from the manufacturer.”