Family says 1-year-old suffers burns on 40% of body after candle explodes

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 9:02 PM MST
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ATLANTA (WXIA) - A family in Georgia says their son is facing a long road to recovery after suffering severe burns in an accident that involved a candle.

Amahd, a 17-month-old child, suffered burns on over 40% of his body nearly three weeks ago, according to his family.

The family said Amahd slipped through a baby gate and into the kitchen where he poured Vick’s Vapor Rub onto a lit scented candle before it exploded.

Amahd’s mother, Rochenda Golightly, said they saw what had happened when viewing their nanny cam.

“I saw a little ball of light, that’s how it was, you couldn’t even make out that it was a person,” Golightly said.

The boy’s parents said it happened in an instant and their lives have been changed.

“When I walk in there [the kitchen] I just break down,” Golightly said. “My daughter says she feels so dark in there and doesn’t want to be here.”

Amahd’s dad rushed the boy to the hospital that day. The child was then flown by helicopter to the pediatric burn unit in Augusta.

“I just told him that I love him and he’s so strong,” Golightly said.

The family says they now take turns driving three hours to be by his side around the clock until he wakes up.

“I know recovery is going to be long, but I just can’t wait for him to be home,” Golightly said.

Officials said Amahd is expected to be at the hospital for at least three months.

According to the family, they have created a GoFundMe fundraiser for help while keeping their small business open.

Amahd’s mother said she’s been traumatized by what happened to her son but hopes when he finally makes it home, they can also begin to recover from that terrible day.