On Your Side recovers over $504K for Arizonans so far in 2022

We still have December to go
Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 6:07 PM MST|Updated: Dec. 1, 2022 at 6:25 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Thanksgiving is over, and we’re heading into Christmas. That means holiday shopping. It also means it’s time to look back at November to see how much On Your Side was able to recover or save our viewers.

One viewer we helped was Maria Garcia, who says Chase Bank froze her company’s bank account for no reason. “We deposit 3 to 4 checks a week and have never had a problem,” Garcia told On Your Side, saying the account had more than $47,000. “It’s crazy. I had to use my savings to pay my workers.”

Frustrated with Chase bank for several weeks, Garcia finally contacted On Your Side, and we got the information we needed to make things right. “We are going to look into this and hopefully get your money back, OK?” On Your Side’s Gary Harper told her. “Oh, I know you will,” she replied, chuckling. “I trust you will.”

And that’s what On Your Side did. After we got a hold of Chase, they unfroze Garcia’s business account, allowing her access to her $50,000. Unfortunately, we never got an explanation as to why it was frozen to begin with. She says she owes it all to On Your Side.

We also helped a senior citizen who had a unique problem on her hands. “How happy will you be when all this mulch is off your property?” Harper asked Pat Harrison. “Ecstatic because I can’t imagine anyone doing this,” she replied.

Following a billing dispute with a tree trimming company, that business dumped a ton of mulch in Harrison’s driveway. So, On Your Side got involved, and we knew who could use all that mulch.

After On Your Side explained what happened to Harrison, Moon Valley Nursery was generous enough to jump in and help her by removing the other company’s trimmings and mulch. And they did it at absolutely no cost to Harrison. The bill would have been $2,500 with all the equipment and manpower used to remove the mulch. But again, Moon Valley didn’t charge a dime and say they would put the mulch to good use. “You’re incredible,” Harrison told one of the workers as she blew him kisses.” Thank you, thank you.” The worker replied, “No problem, just glad we could help you,”

Harrison says she was stressed about having the mulch in her driveway for so long and says she owes it all to On Your Side for getting it removed from her property. “Boy oh boy. I can’t shout your praises enough,” she told On Your Side’s Gary Harper.

And finally, On Your Side saved Beth Lockwood from having to pay $907 for a smartphone she returned to AT&T. The company has been sending the bill to Lockwood for 12 months and recently sent her to collections.

On Your Side got involved, and after asking AT&T to investigate, they discovered they had the phone and agreed to stop pursuing Beth for $907. “I am extremely happy I contacted On Your Side,” Lockwood said. You have been so helpful, and it was so quick. I should have contacted On Your Side much sooner than I did. It’s been a lot of headache and heartburn over the last year.”

When you add up all the money On Your Side was able to save or recover for our viewers, it comes to just over $504,698. And we still have December to go.