Jaime’s Local Love: The Haunted Hamburger

The Haunted Hamburger has been open in Jerome for nearly three decades.
Published: Nov. 16, 2022 at 1:07 PM MST
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JEROME, Ariz. (3TV/CBS 5) — The Haunted Hamburger opened 28 years ago in Verde Valley, and it has quite the history.

Owners Eric & Michelle Jurisin were on a road trip up from the Valley to Jerome when they fell in love with the beautiful vast views. They drove by the building that now holds the Haunted Hamburger and knew right then that it would be theirs. They moved into the building while creating the restaurant and even raised their children there.

But in the beginning, the Jurisins quickly learned the building was haunted. A number of unexplainable things happened that they tried to explain away, but one day, it was just too clear to ignore. Eric needed to go upstairs to finish a project. Just as he reached the top floor, the door next to him slammed shut, nearly smashing him in the face. Sure, a cross breeze is strong enough to slam a door. Except, Eric had just sealed up all of the building’s windows with thick plastic and tape to keep the cold winter air out. He knew there was no air current in the house. From that day forward, the couple embraced The Haunted Hamburger for what it was and have continued to have many experiences over the years.

The Haunted Hamburger opened 28 years ago in Verde Valley, and it has quite the history.

Any day of the week, you’ll see tourists lined up at the door before The Haunted Hamburger even opens. You’ll find locals sitting at the bar grabbing lunch before going on with their day. On the menu, The Haunted Hamburger is a staple, The Haunted Chicken is Chef Michelle’s favorite, and you have to try a delicious milkshake too. When dining in the main room, be sure to look up. Seems the ghost has been up to something — perhaps doing some reading? Go check it out.

The Haunted Hamburger

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