Scientists discover 5-foot long alligator swallowed by Burmese python

Published: Nov. 10, 2022 at 4:26 PM MST
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(CNN) – A python’s last big meal turned out to be quite a doozy, or so scientists in Florida discovered when they opened it up.

The scientists could tell the Burmese python tried to eat something big before it died. When they performed a necropsy, they discovered that it was a whole alligator.

Rosie Moore was one of the scientists who investigated the snake’s diet.

“I actually thought it was pretty gross too and I’m used to necropsies and things.”

The 5-foot long alligator was still fairly intact, and reportedly smelled terrible.

“Oh my gosh. We were taking breaks running outside trying to get some fresh air,” Moore said. “I’ve never smelled anything like that.”

The state of Florida encourages people to kill Burmese pythons because they eat so many other species and produce rapidly.

Moore said the problem with the pythons is referred to as a python invasion.

The alligator inside the python video went viral on Moore’s Instagram page. Along with being a scientist, Moore is also models.