Ex-cop and former Arizona Cardinal open addiction recovery center

"We want to work with the addict, we want to work with the family, we want to bring you together so we can heal together," Brock Bevell said.
Published: Oct. 13, 2022 at 7:54 AM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Brock Bevell and Max Hall joke like they’re old friends. But they didn’t meet until recently.

“I kind of liked him for whatever reason, so I’m like alright let’s try it,” Hall smiled.

What Hall was trying was nothing he ever thought he would do. Bevell was asking Hall to start a podcast about addiction. Hall was a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals in 2010, but a couple of concussions and a shoulder injury led him to opioid dependency.

“When I was given a 30-day supply of pills, I took them all in three days because they made me feel better, they numbed me out,” he said. “I wasn’t thinking about my career being over.”

Then a very public arrest for suspicion of shoplifting and drug possession in 2014 forced him to turn his life around and go to rehab.

“I remember the low point in my life was sitting in the back of the police car thinking to myself, ‘man, five years ago I was starting for the Arizona Cardinals. Now I’m sitting in the back of a police car,’” Hall recalled.

Bevell’s story is much different, yet much the same. Run over while on duty as a Mesa police officer, he went to see a doctor for his injuries and pain.

“The day I walked in on my first visit, he looks at me and goes, ‘hey, you’re a cop, you’ll never get hooked on these things,’” Bevell said.

But the painkillers led to a 10-year addiction until one day...

“I took a pill, drank it took it down and shut the mirror. The mirror shined into my room and when I looked into my room in my brain I’m like, ‘Brock, you live in a crack house, this is who you’ve become,’” he said.

Bevell didn’t go to rehab. Instead, he spent a week in the bathroom detoxing on his own.

“I didn’t have a support team. I had alienated everyone in my life. I’m like, ‘I’m in it, I have to stay here and I’m not walking out of the bathroom until I’m over this,’” he said.

Fast forward to now, Bevell and Hall started the podcast, Agents of Recovery. And then they opened Victory Recovery, a counseling center for recovering addicts.

“We want to work with the addict, we want to work with the family, we want to bring you together so we can heal together,” Bevell said.

It’s something Hall could not have ever imagined being comfortable with.

“If we’re helping people, if we’re saving lives, it’s worth it to me. It’s good work to be in,” Hall said.

Though losing himself temporarily, he’s now helping others win.

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