Some Phoenix area Fry’s employees say they failed to receive paychecks

Kroger says “payroll conversion” problem caused the glitch, claiming minimal employees in other states affected
A spokesperson said the glitch is part of a “payroll conversion” involving new computer software.
Updated: Oct. 10, 2022 at 5:00 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Some Fry’s employees tell On Your Side that they’re caught up in a financial nightmare. That’s because they still haven’t been paid; payday was last week. “Honestly, it’s been really stressful,” an unidentified Fry’s employee told On Your Side. “Some of us live paycheck to paycheck.”

The woman’s Fry’s paycheck was supposed to have been deposited into her bank account last Thursday. The woman says she and other Fry’s employees complained to human resources, which gave the employees another number to call. “When we called the number, some of us waited for a half hour. One person I heard waited in line for five hours. And when we asked them about an ETA on our checks, they said they had no answers. We’re sorry,” she said.

She’s not the only one, either. According to social media posts, the payroll issue is happening in other states. For example, one employee in Las Vegas wrote, “Not able to buy groceries for my kids because Kroger has not paid me. Where is my paycheck?” And other Kroger employees all post similar complaints about not getting paid.

On Your Side got a hold of Fry’s Corporate, which is owned by Kroger. A spokesperson said the glitch is part of a “payroll conversion” involving new computer software. The spokesperson said that Kroger employs 458,000 employees, and a very “minimal” number are affected but did not provide specifics.

In addition, Kroger is also offering pay advances to those who failed to get paid. Employees say that’s good to hear because many of them are borrowing money to survive. “If it wasn’t for the kindness of friends, I wouldn’t have had gas to get to my second job,” one Fry’s employee said.