On Your Side recovers $26K for viewers during September

Nearly $431K recovered for 2022
On Your Side worked hard to help save or recover more than $26,000 for viewers in September.
Updated: Oct. 5, 2022 at 5:30 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Thanks to On Your Side, Bob Stamper got this check for more than $4,400. “Like I said, it wouldn’t have come out the way it did without your help,” Stamper told On Your Side.

Stamper says he initially spent $4,400 out of pocket after testing positive for COVID-19 on vacation to Israel. “I’m taking the COVID test before we go to dinner. And positive!” he said. “You’re not going home?” On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked. Stamper replied, “I’m not going home. I’m not going to dinner. Go back to your room and stay for five days.”

Forced to quarantine in Israel, Stamper spent around $4,400 on five more days at his luxury hotel, including new airline tickets. Since Stamper had purchased travel insurance through a company called Allianz, he filed a claim.

But months went by and Stamper says Allianz wouldn’t mail him a check. That’s when On Your Side got involved and once we did, Allianz immediately sent Stamper a check for $4,400. “Gary Harper called them and then he called me like I said within 48 hours and they agreed to pay the claim just like that,” he said.

During September, On Your Side also traveled up to Sedona to help out Andrea Carusetta, who owns a small shop that sells treats. Her shop runs credit and debit card transactions through an electronic payment system called Square. But Square believed an outside hacker was trying to access Carusetta’s account and froze it due to safety concerns. Meanwhile, the account had around $20,000 in it. It was money Carusetta needed. “Right now that money was earmarked for payroll which I have to make in two days,” she said. “Unless those funds are released, I don’t have the money to pay my staff.”

After On Your Side got involved, Square resolved the issue and released the money to Carusetta. “Absolutely, you saved the day. I was able to pay my employees,” she said. “I needed that money to make payroll and you came through. If it wasn’t for you, I think I would still be banging my head against the wall with this company. I really believe that.”

And finally, On Your Side was able to assist a Sun City widow named Carol Amelung. When her husband died last year, Amelung sold their home and downsized to a condo. Although the house sale went fine, Amelung had an overage of around $600 left in her OneAZ Credit Union escrow account. But Amelung says she’s had problem after problem getting the credit union to give her a check made out to her, not to her deceased husband. “The man at the bank tells me he can’t cash it. He won’t accept it because it’s made out to the estate of James Amelung,” the widow said.

“And there is no estate?” Harper asked. Amelung replied, “There is no estate.”

On Your Side brought the issue to the attention of OneAZ. As soon as we did, the credit union wired $600 into Amelung’s account and bought her these flowers along with a $100 gift card just for the inconvenience. Now, that’s a resolution. “What you see with Gary Harper on TV, that’s really him. He is such a nice man. He just made everything go so smooth. I am still just in awe of what has happened,” said Amelung.

When you add up all the money On Your Side was able to recover or save our viewers, it totals $26,084 for the month of September. And for the entire year, it amounts to $430,941.