Two Phoenix-area women want $7,000 in loans canceled for medical procedure

Women were offered and approved for loans, but never received procedure
Linda and Tiffany say they called and emailed Ideal Image for weeks asking for their $3,500 loan to be waived since they received no services.
Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 11:34 AM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Tiffany Asbury likes to keep active by riding horses or playing golf. But with all she’s done, Tiffany says she’s found it difficult to lose weight around her midsection. So, when she came across a commercial advertising a procedure called CoolSculpting, she was interested. “Freezing away fat cells with CoolSculpting? Now that’s cool!” the commercial says.

Tiffany discovered a Chandler spa called Ideal Image and performed the procedure. So, she contacted Ideal Image, which scheduled a Zoom interview for an initial consultation with Tiffany. “I lifted up my shirt and she asked me to just you know, pinch the edge of the areas on my abdomen and she said, ‘Oh yeah, you’re a perfect candidate for this,’” Tiffany remembers the Ideal Image representative telling her.

During the consultation, Tiffany signed up with Ideal Image and took advantage of their $3,500 interest-free loan offered to help pay for the procedure. Tiffany was excited, but when she showed up for her first procedure, things didn’t go as planned when the nurse used an instrument to start the CoolSculpting process. “They were literally like trying to stuff this thing full of my body, you know, and it’s not hitching up,” she said.

Tiffany says she was immediately told her skin was not a good candidate for the procedure. But when it came to returning that $3,500, Tiffany says Ideal Image refused. “I kept emailing the consultant, and she’s like, there’s nothing I can do for you. The best thing I can tell you is to just pick another treatment. I’m like, I talked to you about this. I only wanted my abdomen done,” Tiffany said.

It turns out Tiffany isn’t alone. “I’d like to be 25 again. That would be nice,” Linda Apostolakos told On Your Side. She recently lost 70 pounds and was also interested in using CoolSculpting to tone up the skin around her waist. “Well, you get in jeans and you get a muffin top over everything. It sticks out. You’ve got to kind of wear something to tighten the end. It’s not comfortable,” Linda explained.

Like Tiffany, Linda did a consultation with Ideal Image over Zoom and was told she was a good candidate. Linda was also offered and took advantage of the same $3,500 interest-free loan to pay for the service.

However, she received some disappointing news when she arrived for her appointment in person. “You never got the procedure?” On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked. “No, and it’s not any fault of mine,” she replied. “I went there being told I was qualified, and when I got there, it turns out I wasn’t.”

Medical personnel at Ideal Image told Linda that because of her age and recent weight loss, CoolSculpting would not work for her. Linda and Tiffany, who don’t know each other, say they called and emailed Ideal Image for weeks asking for their $3,500 loan to be waived since they received no services. Frustrated, they turned to On Your Side for help. “I contacted you because I heard your On Your Side reports on television and you seem to get a peaceful settlement for people which is what I would like,” Linda said. Tiffany agreed, saying, “I want my money back so I can be done with this and move on with my life.”

On Your Side reached out to Ideal Image’s corporate office and explained what Tiffany and Linda had been going through here in the Valley. Within just a few hours, Ideal Image informed both women that their loans were canceled, meaning they won’t be responsible for paying off those two loans totaling $7,000.

Both women say they sure are glad they contacted On Your Side. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. On Your Side is like community service. It’s awesome,” Linda said.

Tiffany says she’s also glad the ordeal is over. “I couldn’t have done it without you guys. I needed your help Gary Harper. You’re like the Big Brother of the Phoenix area!” she said.

Ideal Image never did explain to On Your Side why it initially declined to waive the two loans. But On Your Side appreciates the quick resolution.

Remember, because of the pandemic, using Zoom has become a great way to speak with companies. It’s convenient and saves both parties a lot of time. But when it comes to signing paperwork or agreeing to big-ticket items like cosmetic procedures, it’s a good idea to do things in person before you hand over money for a service.