Avoid these marked-up foods to save on your next grocery store trip

Groceries are up 13.5%, according to the Consumer Price Index.
Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 1:03 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Up and down the aisles, you’re probably wasting money at the grocery store and you may not realize how much.

“Name brand cereal has an average markup of about 40%,” said money-saving mom Andrea Woroch. “All those pre-cut vegetables and fruits, things that are chopped and diced and ready to cook, I know they make your life convenient and easy, but the reality is it’s going to cost you about 40% more.”

There’s more. “Anything that’s been marinated or diced and cubed, ready to put on a skewer, those things are marked up by up to 60%,” Woroch said. “Baked goods have the highest markup at the grocery store. We’re talking 300% markup compared to if you were to just bake it yourself from scratch.

On Your Side decided to put that theory to the test, comparing the cost of store-bought chocolate chip mini-muffins to ones that have been homemade version. In the bakery at the grocery store, a dozen mini muffins costs $4.99. To make a dozen of our own homemade mini-muffins, the ingredients added up to $1.18, a fourth of the cost at the bakery.

Food waste is another major contributor to over-spending at the grocery store. “You really need to plan out your meals and try to look for recipes that use the same ingredients,” Woroch said. “It doesn’t matter how cheap you bought it. If you’re not using all of it, if a lot of it is spoiling in your refrigerator or you’re throwing away leftovers, that is a huge area of waste.” According to the latest consumer price index, the cost of food at home is up 13.5%.