Banner Health announces new blood test that can detect premature birth

Pregnant woman
Baner Health says the PreTRM® blood test is available for its members. The test can determine if a pregnant woman may have a premature birth ahead of time.
Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 3:41 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Banner Health is offering a new test for expecting mothers that can detect if a child will be born early.

Sera Prognostics developed the PreTRM® Test to help pregnant women determine if they may have a premature birth ahead of time. “Prematurity impacts not only mothers and the babies themselves but also their families, healthcare providers, payers, and communities,” said Gregory C. Critchfield, MD, MS, Chairman and CEO of Sera Prognostics.

A preterm birth applies to any child born before 37 weeks and is the leading cause of illness and death in newborns. Prematurity can also lead to an increased risk of long-term medical complications. The PreTRM® Test analyzes proteins in the blood that are highly predictive of preterm birth. Doctors can order the blood test during 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, and the results will help physicians make personalized clinical decisions for each woman’s risk.

“A growing body of evidence supports the potential for the PreTRM® Test to improve fetal-maternal health outcomes and reduce the costs associated with premature birth,” said Robert Krauss, MD, Medical Director at Banner University Health Plans.

Click here to learn more about the PreTRM® Test.