TSA finds seven guns within five days at Sky Harbor Airport

TSA officers recovered a total of seven guns from multiple passengers' carry-on luggage from...
TSA officers recovered a total of seven guns from multiple passengers' carry-on luggage from Sept. 18-22.(Arizona's Family)
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 4:41 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The number of passengers bringing guns to Sky Harbor Airport continues to rise. In the last five days, TSA officers stopped seven guns from making it onto airplanes.

The guns were discovered in the carry-on luggage of passengers going through security checkpoints from Sept. 18-22. The Phoenix Police Department was called to respond to each gun situation at the airport. TSA officers at Sky Harbor have prevented 133 guns from going on planes this year alone.

“Each gun presents a danger, and any incident could have tragic results,” said TSA Federal Security Director for Arizona Jerry Agnew. “This ominous trend continues across the country. Passengers should know exactly where their gun is before they enter the airport and make sure that it is not in a backpack, purse, suitcase or any carry-on that you plan to bring into the security checkpoint.”

Passengers who bring a gun to the airport could face a fine of up to $13,910, regardless of whether they are arrested by law enforcement. If the traveler is in the TSA PreCheck program, they will temporarily lose those privileges, and often travelers with guns in carry-on luggage miss their flights.

Sky Harbor airport continues to rank in the top five U.S. airports where travelers bring guns in their carry-on luggage. TSA wants to remind passengers of ways to quickly and efficiently get through security checkpoints:

  1. No guns in carry-ons. Firearms must be properly packed in checked baggage and declared to the airline at check-in.
  2. Pack smart; start with empty bags. Airline passengers who pack for travel with empty bags are less likely to bring prohibited items through a TSA checkpoint.
  3. Know before you go. Plan to arrive at the airport with plenty of time to check in, check bags, and complete security screening in time to avoid stressful sprints to the departure gate.

For additional information about airport security checkpoints, visit TSA.gov