Gun-waving woman at Donut King goes viral

Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 8:19 PM MST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - It’s not what’d you expect to see at your local donut shop, a woman waving a gun at a Donut King store on Hwy 14 and pictures of the incident have now gone viral.

So, what went down at the donut shop?

The incident happened at the Donut King the morning of Wednesday Sept. 14 and it started when Kelli Murray got a phone call.

“My mom called and had the phone on speaker and she said listen to how crazy he is...and she’s talking about another employee,” Murray said.

Murray said on the phone she heard her mother’s co-worker, who is also close to the family, upset and yelling and as she describes it “talking madness.”

So, Murray, her daughter and daughter’s best friend get in the car and head to the donut shop as they said to calm the situation.

“So, I got out the car and I was like ‘what’s going on red?’” Murray said. “That’s what we call him, we call him Red. I said ‘what’s going on Red?’ and he was like ‘your mama in there lying on me saying I steal.’”

Murray explained her and Red continue to go back in forth and admitted it was a loud conversation, but there was no intention for a physical fight.

“We know he not going to put his hands on us,” she said. “We’re not going to fight him because we all family at this point.”

At this point a third employee came into play.

“[The employee] that was in the restaurant who called the owner and told her we were outside fighting,” Murray said.

Eventually, the owner and an additional employee pull up in a truck.

Murray said that employee tried to ask what was going on, but the owner, however, didn’t stop to ask, instead taking out a gun.

“[She] got out the car of the passenger seat, got to the back seat of the passenger, grabbed the gun, put the gun in the air and shot it in the air,” Murray said. “Then proceeds to walk toward us, point the gun at my face first, she put the gun in my face and said get the *explicit* in the car, get the *explicit* in the car....the whole time her finger was on the trigger, it never left off.”

Lake Charles Police said the gun was fired to disperse a crowd, but no one was hurt.

“Everybody was separated, it’s not like everybody was on top of each other,” Murray said.

The owner, Trudy Veillon, received a misdemeanor summons for illegal discharge of a firearm inside city limits.

As for Murray, she wishes Veillon would have taken the time to understand the situation before it escalated to this.

7News did attempt to reach out to Veillon through social media for comment, but we have yet to hear back.