What to know about Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon

Before you visit Antelope Canyon, make sure you know the differences between the tours of Upper and Lower Antelope!
Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 12:02 PM MST
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PAGE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Antelope Canyon is one of Arizona’s “must see” sights, found just outside the city of Page.

The longtime owner of Antelope Canyon Tours spent years traveling abroad, meeting with travel agents in Japan, France, and Germany. It paid off! You’ll see just as many international visitors as Americans at Antelope Canyon these days. You’re not allowed to explore the canyon on your own. Instead, a booked tour with a guide is necessary. The rules became stricter after 11 tourists died in a flash flood in 1997.

The two most popular parts of the canyon to visit are the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. There are major differences, though both feature tall sandstone walls illuminated beautifully by sunlight. Guides at each are friendly, knowledgeable, and patient when it comes to photography. Upper Antelope Canyon is more expensive to visit and less crowded. Tickets are roughly $100. It’s also darker and moodier as Upper Antelope is A-shaped. Less light comes in from above, but the walking path is wide and flat.

Lower Antelope Canyon is less expensive and more crowded, and tickets are roughly $50. It’s brighter, with more of an orange glow on the walls, because Lower Antelope is V-shaped. So more light comes in from above. The walking path is narrow, and in some spots, it’s single-file.

A major difference between Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon is that the Lower Antelope is full of stairs and ladders. First, you’ll have to descend a steep set of steps, almost like a ladder, to get into the canyon’s entrance. Then, over the course of the nearly half-mile tour, you’ll go up a few more ladders along the way.

For many more great photos, check out my blog post on Antelope Canyon. It also includes many more differences between Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, along with information on flash flooding, children in the canyon, and much more!