Remodeled kitchen is finally finished for Phoenix homeowner

A Phoenix woman was having to wait months for her kitchen remodel to get completed so she called On Your Side.
Updated: Sep. 8, 2022 at 5:30 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Andre Whitehead says if you look around her kitchen, it feels like it needs a little makeover. “So this is our kitchen. As you can see the cupboards are a little outdated,” Andre said as she showed On Your Side around. “The home is like 22 years old, so yeah, it’s time to upgrade.” Andre says she’s interested in not only replacing her dark cabinets, but also upgrading her kitchen island by putting in granite. So, she got online and found a licensed remodeling company that caught her eye. “I came across a company called Granite Transformations.”

Andre wound up hiring Granite Transformations and handed over a check for around $7,000, about 50% of the project, to get started. “You felt okay giving $7,000 to the company?” On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked. “Yes we did,” she replied.

But after a technician took some measurements of her kitchen, she says she didn’t hear from anyone at Granite Transformations again and she says she had a hard time getting a hold of someone when she would call. Andre says, “I have tried to call them every day and it just goes to voicemail.

So, On Your Side got involved and I spoke to the owner of Granite Transformations. He says he was unaware of the communication breakdown between Andre and his employees and apologized.

He also blamed the supply chain for Andre’s project being dragged out so long. However, he did agree to put Andre’s kitchen at the top of the list. Once he did, On Your Side returned to Andre’s house to see the finished product. “I am very happy that it’s done. So happy. It’s such an improvement.”

Andre has new countertops installed. White cabinets really brightened up the kitchen and an upgraded granite island even has the approval of Huey the cat.

Andre says if it wasn’t for On Your Side, she’d probably still be waiting for her new kitchen. “Do you think you would have your kitchen done if it was not for On Your Side?” Harper asked. Andre said, “Probably not. I would probably still be waiting. I think it helped put a nudge in them.”

And get this — because the project was delayed so long, the company took off an additional $1,000 from the balance.