Surprise Squad gives out free gas at Phoenix Fry’s supermarket, $200 to woman who teaches music to indigenous students

Arizona's Family's Surprise Squad gave some full gas tanks away in Phoenix Wednesday morning.
Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 11:10 AM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- While gas prices aren’t as high as earlier this year, it’s still not cheap to fill up the tank. With many people wanting to beat the heat this long holiday weekend by taking a road trip out of the Valley, Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad wanted to help drivers by paying for their gas. So Gibby Parra went to the Chevron at 3rd Street and Indian School Road to see who he could help out.

When he first arrived, there weren’t too many people filling up, but as word got out, the cars started coming in. Parra first approached a man named Ray, who didn’t believe him at first when he said the Surprise Squad was paying for his gas.

Parra then cut off a man named Israel as he walked into the store to pay for gas. “Why don’t you wait a second because I’m going to pay for your gas. My name is Gibby; I’m with the Surprise Squad sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers. How much does it take to fill up?”

“Maybe 50 bucks,” he said. “Fill up to the rim,” Parra responded as he moved on to other drivers pulling into the station.

He soon approached a woman in a red truck who said it takes around $100 to fill up her tank. Parra told her it was her lucky day, and the Surprise Squad was paying for it. She did a happy little dance when she heard the news. Parra found another woman who said watching him on TV every morning was part of her daily routine, and she couldn’t believe it when she realized he was at a gas station so close to her.

As Parra started to wrap up the event, a lady pulled up by him and explained that she teaches low-income private music lessons to indigenous students in the community. Parra told her on top of the free gas. He was also giving her a gift card worth $200.

“Thank you so much,” she said, nearly in tears. “I appreciate the community support. It will help my students and we just want kids to go to college and open up their lives.”

“Man, I love my job,” Parra said with a big smile.