Surprise Squad helps woman with growing medical bills

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Sherri’s had nine back surgeries in her lifetime and doctors say she needs another one, so Arizona's Family Surprise Squad wanted to help.
Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 12:53 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Caris and Sherri first met on Halloween when they were next door neighbors at a Phoenix apartment complex. Caris was handing out candy to trick-or-treaters and Sherri came outside to join her. They bonded almost instantly and that friendship helped transform Caris’ life. Prior to that, health issues prevented Caris from doing much. Fortunately, Sherri is a retired nurse and was able to assist Caris.

“I didn’t go anywhere, didn’t do anything. And now that Sherri’s here, I do get to get out and go,” Caris told 3TV’s Tess Rafols and the Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad crew. “I’ve become disabled and she helps with my showers. She takes me to get my medicine, to the doctor appointments. She’s like a guardian angel and she’s become like a sister me.”

Caris contacted the Surprise Squad because she’s concerned about her friend. Sherri’s had nine back surgeries in her lifetime and doctors say she needs another one. But she has osteoporosis and her bones are starting to deteriorate, which means she needs to take expensive medicine for a year to strengthen them before doctors will operate.

“My heart goes lout to her so bad,” Caris said. “I thought, well you know, the Surprise Squad was the place to go because I’ve seen you do such wonderful things.”

“Well let’s go surprise her,” Rafols smiled.

The two went over to Sherri’s apartment and knocked on her door. After Sherri got over the surprise of seeing Rafols standing next to her friend, she invited them into her home.

“My entire spine is fused except for my neck,” Sherri explained when Rafols asked her about her back issues. “I have severe osteoporosis and the hardware’s coming out from about the middle of my back up.”

Rafols told Sherri that Caris was concerned about her friend’s health and that’s why she reached out to the Surprise Squad. She handed her an envelope. “Arizona’s Family along with your Valley Toyota Dealers would like to present this to you. We hope it will help in some way.”

Sherri opened it and read that she was being given $5,000. “Are you serious?” she asked with a gasp. “I mean, that could be enough to get me started on my medicine. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Caris smiled as the two best friends hugged. “I love you.”

This segment is sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers.