Chandler man finally gets $1,600 apartment security deposit returned

A Chandler man said he didn't get the rest of his deposit for his old apartment so he called On Your Side.
Updated: Aug. 10, 2022 at 5:29 PM MST
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CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — John Connery will be the first to tell you that moving is not fun. “The experience of moving can be very stressful and exhausting,” Connery told On Your Side. While Connery has spent over a month slowly unpacking, he says he’s also spent a lot of his time dealing with his old apartment complex called 909 West.

When Connery moved into the complex last year, he gave them a security deposit for just over $2,548.50. Connery says he expected to get all of it back, particularly since he has cell phone video showing he left the apartment spotless and undamaged. But Connery says when his security deposit arrived in the mail, it was way short. “I was expecting to get my full security deposit back totaling $2,548,” Connery said. “How much did you get back?” On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked. “Only $716,” Connery replied.

Connery sent management at 909 West Apartments all of his documents indicating how much he initially paid and how much he believed he was owed. According to Connery, managers at the apartment complex apologized and said they would mail him the balance. But weeks passed and Connery got nothing. Despite numerous emails and phone calls to the apartment complex, Connery finally gave up and contacted On Your Side. “I got a hold of you because obviously you have a reputation of trying to help people out. I thought it would be nice if you could help me out,” he said.

Harper asked 909 West to look into the matter and to consider returning the balance of his security deposit. They did and mailed Connery a check for almost $1,600. Connery says it’s money he thought he would never see and says On Your Side made it happen. “I am relieved that Gary stepped in. And I am grateful for that,” Connery said. “Very simply, I think you guys are a great advocate for consumers and our community. So, I think it’s nice to have you guys around and speak on our behalf.”

The apartment complex never did explain why they initially shorted this viewer and or why there was such a delay mailing out that balance. Regardless, this viewer has his money and he’s happy.