Briana’s Journal for Episode 5: A Dive Bar Off the Highway

Briana's Journal
Briana's Journal(Arizona's Family)
Published: Aug. 7, 2022 at 11:59 PM MST
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ENTRY 6, August 8, 2022

When we first started the Robert Fisher investigation, did I think we would end up in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere? Absolutely not…ha! But we knew we would be going wherever our investigation took us, which ended up being Jake’s Corner Bar in Rye, AZ. The bar was pretty cool – I love dive bars and this one had a lot of history. Turns out, it was NOT the bar that Robert was allegedly spotted at because that bar was torn down years ago, but it was very close. Meeting the locals in there gave us a lot of context about Herb’s theory of Robert’s getaway, and everything Herb believed seems very possible after talking to the guys in the bar about the motorcycle shop that was once nearby, and the back roads. I find when it comes to small, rural towns, the locals pretty much know everything and most of them have lived there for most their life. They’re a wealth of knowledge. Only thing we didn’t get to do was have a drink ourselves because we were on the clock!

The second half of this podcast episode was time Serjio and I spent back at and near the Fisher family home in Scottsdale. The biggest issue in this case that is a massive challenge for investigators is the only known pictures of Robert Fisher after the murders were at the ATM down the street. Back in 2001 you just didn’t have cameras everywhere like there are now, and all of the detectives told us this would have played out MUCH differently if it happened today. So we went to count just how many cameras we could see on he short walk from the Fisher home to the intersection where that ATM was. About two dozen – that’s how many cameras we counted between Ring doorbell cameras surveillance cameras, and traffic cameras, that would have picked up Robert’s path, timing of leaving and coming, and which direction he went. Do I think he could have gotten away with this crime today in 2022? No. Not at all.

The last thing I wanted to do that day was see if the tree and plaque Brittney’s classmates put up for her at Supai Middle School was still there. The school has changed to a different name, but is still functioning. When Serjio and I got there, we had NO idea where to go and the campus is large. With it being summer, there weren’t many people walking around, but we found the plant manager named Neal who knew what I was talking about and led us across the campus, which he said had been completely renovated and changed. But…the tree and plaque were still there. And the tree was HUGE. I had seen video from our reporter Morgan Loew when that was first planted for Brittney in 2001. It was crazy to go back today and see it, with the plaque there too. It made me kind of emotional and almost happy – the school and the city has gone through so many changes but Brittney hasn’t been forgotten. That’s really special. I’m glad we got to see that.