Monsoon safety tips to get you through the season

As monsoon continues to pass through the Valley this season, it’s important to remember to stay cautious.
Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 7:32 AM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - As monsoon season continues through the Valley and beyond, it’s important to remember to stay cautious no matter if you’re a stormy weather veteran or new to the area! Arizona’s Family weather and news reporter Steven Sarabia traveled throughout the Valley in Storm Commander Thursday morning to share some monsoon tips with you to stay safe.

Last weekend, many individuals didn’t turn around when seeing flooding on the roads, causing local rescue teams to have to intervene. In Apache Junction over the past weekend, one rescue crew had to get into the water and save a woman from her car. She was driving across a gravel road when her tires got stuck in the mud and her car was suddenly surrounded by water. She was pulled to safety, thanks to the team.

The Superstition Fire and Medical District says that monsoon flooding is especially dangerous because it can happen so quickly. Your vehicle may be equipped with all kinds of safety and prevention equipment, but it doesn’t take much water to wash you and your vehicle away. Oftentimes there’s not just water on the roadways but debris as well. That debris can damage you or your vehicle and its tires, making a bad situation even worse.

Those who attempt to be heroes or brave the storms run the risk of not just putting themselves at risk but also the lives of those next to them on the roads and local rescue teams as well. If you’re concerned about getting stuck on the roads in the middle of a monsoon, consider downloading our First Alert Weather app. Our First Alert Weather team will send out up-to-date push alerts, flood alerts, lightning detection in your area, and other crucial weather information you need to stay safe.

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