Lawsuit filed against Phoenix city council candidate accused of not living in district

A Phoenix City Council candidate is accused of not living in the district so a lawsuit has been filed.
Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 5:53 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Kevin Robinson has been on TV many times after serving more than 35 years with the Phoenix Police Department. Now, he’s running for Phoenix City Council in District 6, but there’s no guarantee his name will make it on the November ballot.

A lawsuit has been filed by one of his opponents, Moses Sanchez, accusing Robinson of not living in Phoenix. “I think if you are going to run for office in Phoenix, you should pick up and move there, bring your family there,” said Jack Wilenchik, the attorney for Sanchez. “You just can’t rent a place where you are, where you are hardly ever at, and continue to stay in Scottsdale and say well, this is my residence, I can run for office in Phoenix.”

According to the lawsuit, Robinson rented a home in Ahwatukee in October, specifically so he could run for a city council seat. The Phoenix city charter states: “Each candidate for one of the eight Council seats shall at the time of his nomination and during his tenure maintain his permanent residence within the district from which he is nominated.”

Robinson is accused of spending limited time at the rental house, while his real home is in Scottsdale, where his wife lives. His attorney, Daniel Arellano, said the lawsuit is meritless and politically motivated, and his client is doing nothing wrong. “Kevin Robinson lives in the district,” said Arellano. “He visits with his wife in Scottsdale quite frequently, but has testified he spends most of his time in the district at his home. It’s where he keeps his belongings, gets mail, registered to vote, this is where he lives.”

A judge heard arguments on both sides this week and is expected to make a ruling in the next few days to determine whether Robinson will be allowed to remain on the November ballot.