Briana’s Journal for Episode 4: The Underground Caves

Briana's Journal
Briana's Journal(Arizona's Family)
Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 5:39 PM MST
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ENTRY 5, July 25, 2022

No doubt, this was the part of our investigation I was looking forward to most. I am always up for a good adventure, and was excited our whole team was going to be able to spelunk in the cave. Those of us who hadn’t done that before had no idea what to expect, so I’m really glad we assembled a sizeable team to go with us for extra safety. I think there’s an allure to the caves in that nobody really knows what’s underground, and that makes the possibility of Robert Fisher at one time or another being inside them, possible. I was SHOCKED to find out how huge these caves are underground and for how long they go for – we’re talking miles and miles. And I had no idea they stay the same temperature (usually in the 50s) year-round. I am sure somebody could live in the cave for a decent amount of time if they had to, and based on what we know about Robert, I think he could have pulled that off.

I also was confident in how we ruled out the cave register letters that were signed by a Robert Fisher. Nobody had gone in depth to analyze those like we did, next to documents that we know has the REAL Robert Fisher’s handwriting.

And then….the Canada tip. Singlehandedly this is the tip I’ve been asked about most for YEARS. So out of all the new evidence pictures Scottsdale Police was giving us access too, these pictures were the ones I was most eager to see. When I did get to see them, I did see a resemblance for sure, but I still think the Mexico tip pictures look even more uncanny to Robert Fisher. The thing with Canada though is the whole investigation was just – odd. The way Robert’s longtime Scottsdale neighbor was brought up to Canada and put in a holding room with the lookalike to see if he thought it was Robert is the most unusual thing I’ve heard when it comes to a police investigation like this. I can understand why it made the Canadian attorney so angry. I also was pretty surprised the Canadian Police had no record of this incident in their files anymore. Seems weird to not have any trace of it, given it was a massive deal that made headlines globally when this lookalike was taken into custody, for a case involving a Top 10 Wanted fugitive. Even though the neighbor believes that WAS Robert Fisher, based on the evidence I just don’t believe there’s any way it was him. After learning how to read fingerprints during this investigation and knowing the lookalike’s matched another man’s identity, there’s just no way it was Robert Fisher.

I don’t take it for granted that our team got to experience an adventure like this for an investigation we’re so passionate about. I wouldn’t trade this job for anything else, and the trust and support you, our listeners, give us only fuels my passion even more.

See ya in two weeks,

- Briana