Sun City man wants out of solar deal

John Kurczek says Sunrun is demanding him to pay $27,000 in unpaid leasing fees for the useless solar panels.
Updated: Jul. 13, 2022 at 5:30 PM MST
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SUN CITY, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - When John Kurczek looks at the solar panels lying on the side of his Sun City home, he wishes he never would’ve let a door-to-door salesperson talk him into going solar. “When the girl mentioned it she said I’d be helping the environment and not only that, but reducing the electric bill supposedly,” John said. “I kinda thought it was a win-win situation.”

So, John went for it and signed up with a company called Vivint Solar, which sent out their solar panels that were installed on his roof. However, they never connected to his power supply, essentially making his solar system useless. “APS then came out and inspected and said this ain’t gonna work,” he said. The good news for John is that he never once got a monthly bill from Vivint Solar because it was never hooked up and wasn’t operating.

He eventually removed the inoperable panels, put them on the side of his home, and contacted Sunrun Solar, the company that had just purchased and taken over Vivint. “They sent out a representative from Sunrun and the kid came out and he was looking at the thing and he says ‘I’ve never seen this,’” John said. “He said this is totally not the way it should be.”

John agreed, reiterating to Sunrun that the panels have never worked since they were installed more than two years ago, which is why he put them on the side of his home.

He says he expected Sunrun to pick up the solar panels and move on. Instead, he says Sunrun is demanding him to pay $27,000 in unpaid leasing fees for the useless solar panels. “I said ‘I think you should be owing me, because you did damage to my building,’” he said.

John asks why would he ever pay $27,000 for something that has never worked? To complicate matters, John is trying to sell his home, and when that happens, $27,000 will be taken from his proceeds and given to Sunrun because of that lien.

On Your Side got a hold of the solar company and explained the issue. We want them to remove the lien and waive the $27,000 that they claim John owes. They’re currently looking into the issue. When they make a decision, we’ll let you know in a follow-up report.