Briana’s Journal for Episode 3: ‘Holy Sh*t, I Was Here’

Briana's Journal
Briana's Journal(Arizona's Family)
Published: Jul. 11, 2022 at 4:30 PM MST
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ENTRY 4, July 11, 2022

I had been waiting for this part of our investigation for a long time – and spent weeks assembling this team we’d be heading into the woods…and eventually into the caves with. Being able to connect with Ray Keeler, who was the lead cave searcher back in the day for Fisher, was super important because he has a special permit to be on reservation land. That was part of the issue with this investigation back in 2001- the Scottsdale PD didn’t have permission to be on that land to search the grounds or some of the caves, which are right by where Fisher’s car was found. I also met spelunkers in a Facebook group online who ended up joining us for safety (and adventure) purposes. It meant a lot to me that retired detective TJ Jiran came with us up to the woods. He hadn’t been there since he was on the scene investigating 22 years ago, so the perspective he brought was more emotional. He also doesn’t talk to media about this case anymore, but because Serjio and I have been working with him on this case for 3 years, he makes an exception for us – that’s something I don’t take for granted. He and Ray start to realize their investigations overlapped in the exact area we were at. TJ recalls parts of the investigation that happened out in the woods – some of which I heard for the first time and know the public has heard yet.

Then…the Mexico tip. In the podcast you can hear my and Serjio’s reactions when detective Hugh Lockerby shows us the pictures of the man in Progreso. We were all shocked – it looked just like him. This tip has never been told to the public before – not the details of it, and certainly not the pictures. It’s really cool that we get to bring so many tips and information to our viewers and listeners that isn’t out there anywhere else. And this sets up the stage for another crazy tip that we touch on next episode.

Into the woods for episode three. Next episode…we’re heading into the caves. Thanks for being on this journey with us

- Briana