Surprise Squad hands out free gas, $200 gift card at Phoenix Fry’s supermarket

Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad is sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers
Arizona's Family Surprise Squad was able to give away free gas at a Fry's gas station in north Phoenix. (Sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers)
Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 12:26 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- With gas costing more than five dollars a gallon at many pumps across the Valley, Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad and your Valley Toyota Dealers thought it would be a perfect time to help the community. So Arizona’s Family’s Gibby Parra went to Fry’s supermarket gas station near 8th Street and Hatcher Road to pay for people to fill up their tanks.

When Parra told one man that Arizona’s Family would be paying for his gas, he didn’t seem to believe Parra, so Parra opened up his gas tank and told him to start filling up. He then walked up to a man who had a trailer filled with landscaping equipment behind his truck. He told Parra he would need at least $40 worth of gas.

Next, Parra approached a man named Alex, who had just started to fill up his tank. He said it usually takes about $100 to fill it up all the way these days. Parra told him to stop fueling up and that Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad would pay for the rest of his gas.

Jose was at the pump next to Alex. He said it takes about $80 to fill up his car. “it’s been expensive. Finances are tough.” just as he told everyone else at the gas station, Parra let Jose know the surprise squad would take care of his gas on this day.

The surprises weren’t over. Parra went up to a woman who had bought some supplies from the gas station’s convenience store. He asked if she had a car and said she didn’t own one. “We’re going to surprise you anyway,” Parra said with a smile. He pulled out a $200 gift card from his pocket and gave it to her to use on whatever she wanted. She laughed and thanked him for the gift.