Social media gas saving tips: True or false?

There are numerous social media posts with tips on saving gas so On Your Side looks into how helpful the advice really is.
Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 7:40 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Gas prices have been setting record highs for weeks now with no end in sight. With that said, you might have noticed numerous social media posts with tips on saving gas. We sure did, but are those tips accurate?

You can scroll through social media and see all kinds of things like selfies, viral videos and memes. But lately, you may have noticed an uptick in posts about gas prices and what you need to do to save at the pump. “Posts are going to get a lot of traction now cause there’s so much interest in saving money. Making sure you get your most bang for your buck,” John Treanor with AAA told On Your Side.

He says he’s seen all kinds of posts offering consumer tips when gassing up. But are those tips “fact or fiction?” For instance, you need to gas up early in the morning. Treanor says that’s fiction. “It’s based on the idea that temperatures are lower at night time. Cooler fuels is going to be denser while fuel tanks are stored in the ground, they’re not subject the daily temperature fluctuations because they are underground. So, it doesn’t really matter when you fill your tank,” he said.

The next tip circulating online suggests you should fuel up on the slowest setting on the nozzle. In other words, don’t gas up full throttle. Again, Treanor says that’s fiction. “The reality is that gas is metered at the pump without aeration. You don’t really have to worry about overfilling your gas tank with air or somehow getting less gas at all,” he said.

What about gassing up when you’re at half a tank instead of empty? It’s another tip circulating. “It’s not really going to have an effect. The reality is you’re going to be paying the same amount whether you wait for it all the way to empty or half way,” said Treanor. Once again, that consumer tip is false.

And finally, don’t fill up if there’s a tanker truck at the gas station because it might stir up sediment and get into your vehicle’s gas tank. Treanor says like the other so-called tips, that’s false because there are numerous filters before gas even reaches your tank. “When you’re looking for ways to maybe save money or ways to be safer and you find something on Facebook, do a little extra checking just to make sure that the information you’re reading on a meme or post is legitimate. On Your Side will keep an eye out on social media for other posts that need to be fact-checked. But again, do a little checking on your own before taking anything you see on social media as fact.