Simple lifestyle changes around the house could save hundreds of dollars

In a time when inflation is on the rise, many are looking for ways to cut costs. On Your Side's Susan Campbell has some ideas to help you save.
Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 12:56 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Look around your house. You may find some money in unexpected places. “It’s really small changes but big rewards,” said Consumer Reports’ Tanya Christian.

According to CR, the water heater is a good place to start the savings. “What we found is if you dial the temperature back 20 degrees, so 140 degrees is standard on hot water heaters, so just down to 120 degrees, you can save up to $400 even more each year on your bill,” Christian said. “We do suggest that you consult the manual for you hot water heater or the manufacturer, especially if you have an electric one. You have to be careful on the settings because bacteria can grow.”

Cooler water will also save you money in the laundry room. “We suggest using cold water because it does not use as much energy to use cold water,” Christian said. According to Energy Star, switching to cold water to clean your laundry could save you $66 year. And, there’s another way to save when you’re washing your clothes and sheets and towels. “A big mistake people make is just by using more laundry detergent than is necessary,” Christian said. CR says that you only need about one and a half ounces of detergent to get your clothes clean.

In the kitchen, you can save water and money by doing less work. “Don’t pre-rinse your dishes. Just skip that entirely,” Christian said. “Most dishwashers have an electronic soil sensor, and it detects how dirty the dishes are and then determines how much water is necessary to get the dishes clean.”

You can even save money on your morning pick-me-up by swapping out single serving, single use coffee pods for a re-usable filter. “We did an analysis and based on two coffee drinkers,” Christian said. “Doing just one cup of coffee each morning, you can save almost $400 a year with re-usable filters.”