Fake contractor duo targeting seniors in Sun City area

They remain on ROC’s Most Wanted List
The duo tore up a driveway, but never returned to fix it.
The duo tore up a driveway, but never returned to fix it.(Arizona's Family)
Updated: Jun. 14, 2022 at 5:30 PM MST
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SUN CITY, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — Jim and Evelyn Schultz have wanted to live in Arizona for the past 50 years and recently made the move finally. “Well, you know how it is. Kids, parents, grandkids. So, finally here we are,” Evelyn told On Your Side.

And although their home, front yard, courtyard and driveway with pavers look great now, that wasn’t the case six months ago when they started a front yard makeover on their Sun City West home. “Who did you hire and how much did you pay?” On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked. Evelyn replied, “The company was CJ Landscaping.”

CJ Landscaping is run by two fake contractors, Hugo Juarez-Zarazoga and his wife, Rafaela Juarez. They claim to be talented landscape contractors but their real talent is taking people’s money and disappearing. Evelyn says she gave the husband and wife team $3,000 to begin the makeover. For $3,000, what did you get for your money?” Harper asked. “Well, a heck of a mess,” Evelyn said.

Evelyn showed us pictures of that mess. For example, the duo tore up their cement driveway to install pavers but never returned. Evelyn says their property looked like a demolition zone for months. “We had neighbors asking what’s going on. We had mailmen and garbage truck drivers all asking what’s going on here, what’s going on?” Evelyn said.

It turns out, Hugo and Rafaela basically make a living out of ripping off homeowners. They are on the Arizona Registrar of Contractor’s Most Wanted List.

The agency tells On Your Side that the couple has complaints dating back a decade, with homeowners out more than $140,000 for unfinished jobs. “I was very disappointed, you know, just moving here. But honestly, I felt dumb,” Evelyn said. Evelyn and Jim say losing $3,000 the way they did is a bitter pill to swallow and they want you to learn from their mistake.

In the meantime, they had to hire a legitimate contractor who finished their driveway with pavers, completed their courtyard and made their front yard picture perfect. “We’re proud of it. So now we can’t wait for our family to come back and see what it looks like,” Evelyn said.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors is tired of these two taking advantage of senior citizens in the Sun City area. In fact, the agency has already held meetings with a few HOAs warning homeowners to be on the lookout and not to hire the couple. They get a lot of their business from knocking on doors.