Briana’s Journal for Episode 1: The Murders

An in-depth look at the infamous crime
Briana's Journal
Briana's Journal(Arizona's Family)
Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 4:47 PM MST
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ENTRY 2: June 13th, 2022:

After months of working on this investigation we finally get to share the very beginning of all of it with you in episode one of the podcast series. If you’ve kept up with the Robert Fisher case over the years, you may have read that days after the explosion, his car was found in the same wooded area he was camping in with a friend just two weeks prior. It’s been a question ever since: was Robert Fisher scouting out his escape on that trip knowing he was about to kill his family?

For the first time ever, that friend is speaking out and agreed to sit down for an interview to talk to me about what happened on the trip and odd things Robert said and did while they were in the woods.

This episode sets up the entire season with those weeks leading up to the murders and explosion, and the day of.

There’s really so much more to this case than everyone has heard – until now.


The Fisher family
The Fisher family(Arizona's Family)
The Fisher home burns
The Fisher home burns(Arizona's Family)
The home after the fire
The home after the fire(Arizona's Family)
Inside the home
Inside the home(Arizona's Family)
Fisher's truck
Fisher's truck(Arizona's Family)
Fisher's truck
Fisher's truck(Arizona's Family)
ATM  photo
ATM photo(Arizona's Family)
ATM photo
ATM photo(Arizona's Family)