Friends want answers after 19-year-old woman killed in Gilbert apartment

Most of all, Cheyenne Walters wants justice for her friend and for the person who killed Hansen to turn themselves in.
Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 5:05 PM MST
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GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Gilbert Police are investigating the death of a 19-year-old woman who called 911 saying she was shot by an “unknown person” inside her apartment near San Tan Village and Ray Road on Saturday. Rachel Hansen was taken to Chandler Regional Medical Center, where she died from her injuries.

“My heart dropped. My heart sank. I immediately called her, it went straight to voicemail. It wasn’t even a single ring, it went straight to voicemail,” said Cheyenne Walters. “That was a huge shock because you don’t think not even 24 hours after you see someone that their life is going to be taken from them.”

Walters said Hansen was at her house on Friday, catching up. Walters said the 19-year-old was excited about the future. She had just moved into her apartment, and her real estate career was about to kick off. “She was a spitfire. Just probably the most caring, nurturing person you will meet ever in your life. She was so passionate about animals and about kids and she wanted so much with her life. She had her life more together than any 19 year old I know,” Walters said. “She knew what she wanted. She was going to get what she wanted. And that’s probably what’s the most heartbreaking about this.”

While they were catching up on Friday, Hansen mentioned to Walters that her horse was stolen from her property in Queen Creek on Wednesday. Queen Creek Police told Arizona’s Family that the horse had been stolen out of their jurisdiction and needed to be filed with Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. It’s not clear if a report was filed with PCSO.

“She didn’t tell me specifics whatsoever, she just said she was working on getting her mare back and that mare was her prized possession,” Walters said.

Right now, it’s not clear if the horse theft is related to Hansen’s death, but Walters wants to make sure the horse is returned to the right people. “I believe that that horse should go to nobody but her best friend or her family. I don’t think that horse should go into anybody else’s hands or anybody else’s care,” Walters said.

Most of all, she wants justice for her friend and for the person who killed her to turn themselves in. “She was 19. She had a whole life ahead of her and you took it away. You didn’t give her the chance to show everybody who she was and what she was capable of, you didn’t give her the chance to grow as a person,” Walters said. “You didn’t give her a chance to even find who she truly was. You took that from her. You took that from her in every way and shape and form and it’s not okay and it’s not alright. She deserves justice.”

Gilbert Police say they are following up on all leads the public has submitted to them. If anyone has information about this case, call their non-emergency line at 480-503-6500 or submit information through their Submit a tip portal.