On Your Side Recovers over $7,000 for viewers in May

It was a busy month for the On Your Side team when they helped recover $7,300 for viewers in May.
Updated: May. 31, 2022 at 5:30 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — When On Your Side caught up with a fake contractor we’ve been looking for, he wasn’t too eager to talk. “Come here, talk to me,” On Your Side’s Gary Harper shouted as the man stood in his front yard. Our visit paid off because On Your Side convinced him to return the $2,000 he took from Jorge Barraza.

The fake contractor was supposed to remove Barraza’s temporary countertops and replace them with granite. But after taking $2,000 as a down payment, he disappeared with the money. However, On Your Side tracked him down. “So, look. This can be handled really easily,” Harper told the fake contractor. “All you have to do is return all $2,000 back to him.”

After this visit, the entire $2,000 was returned to Barraza, who says he can’t believe he returned his money. “Do you think you would have got your money back if it had not been for On Your Side?” Harper asked. “Honestly, probably not,” Barraza replied. “This guy, he definitely had in his mind that he wasn’t going to give it back. He wasn’t going to give it back. He had made up his mind.”

On Your Side also helped Megan Campbell. Someone stole her identity and used her personal information to purchase three smartphones from AT&T. Campbell says she tried to explain to AT&T that the $3,685 in charges were fraudulent but says they didn’t believe her and wanted her to pay up. On Your Side got involved, and AT&T discovered the phones were being used overseas and that fraudsters had purchased them. “I got zero responses from AT&T. I couldn’t get anybody to help or even believe me that they were fraudulent,” Campbell said. “And then Gary Harper got involved and worked his magic, and now everything has gone away.”

When On Your Side wasn’t recovering money, we exposed people for their unscrupulous tactics. “Tim! Tim! Stop and talk to me,” On Your Side’s Harper said as Tim Anderson tried to speed away in his car. Anderson pretended not to see or hear On Your Side. Anderson took $950 from Crystal Primrose to start building barn doors to hang here in her home office. But like many fake contractors, all he did was keep her money.

So, On Your Side got involved, and we found Anderson as he was leaving a parking lot. But he didn’t want to talk about all that cash he took from Primrose. “If you roll your window down, maybe we can have a productive conversation about Crystal Primrose,” Harper said.

So, instead, Anderson drove off. He never returned any of the money that he took. But Primrose says knowing On Your Side exposed what he did is good enough. “Yep, I will be sure to tell everyone my story that I know,” she said. When you add up all the money On Your Side was able to recover for viewers during May, it amounts to $7,385. And for the entire year so far, it comes to $335,453.