East Valley homeowners say fake contractor took money for barn doors and vanished

Some say if he did deliver barn doors, the workmanship was horrible
A fake Phoenix-area contractor promises to install barn doors but takes the money and vanishes so 3 On Your Side tracked him down.
Updated: May. 17, 2022 at 5:45 PM MST
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EAST VALLEY (3TV/CBS 5) -- 3 On Your Side has been wanting to chat with a guy named Tim Anderson for a while, and we finally found him. “Tim! Tim! Stop and talk to me,” 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper shouted as the fake contractor tried to drive away. He kept driving and eventually stopped for traffic. But he didn’t want to roll his window down. “Can I talk to you?” Harper said. “You owe a lot of people a lot of money.”

Crystal Primrose says she’s just one victim who says that Anderson and his company, Woodwork AZ, took money to make and install barn doors and got nothing for their money. “Looking back on it, there were a lot of red flags.”

Well, this is Anderson, seen here on this doorbell video. According to Crystal, he took $950 as a down payment to start building barn doors to hang here in her home office. But he vanished with the money. “I contacted you because I want to recover my money,” Crystal said. “And to warn other people in the Valley that he can take advantage of you.”

After 3 On Your Side got involved, we discovered other viewers who say that when Anderson did finish a job, his work was horrible. Just take a look at how he attached these table legs to a viewer’s table. When Anderson delivered the table, the viewer refused to pay for it, which caused Anderson, who you can’t see behind the column, to get aggressive with the homeowner. “Let’s go (expletive). Let’s go. Come on, I’ll (expletive) you up, man. You owe me money. I’ll take you to court, you (expletive),” Anderson yelled at the homeowner.

When we initially went to Anderson’s woodshop looking for answers. He wasn’t here at the time, but we found this woman outside claiming to be his employee. “What do you do for him?” Harper asked her. She replied, “I’m his partner. Harper then asked, “Partner? What kind of partner? “I’m his right-hand girl,” she replied, saying she assists in making barn doors with him. She even offered to take 3 On Your Side into the shop. And although we did see some wood, we found very few barn doors or other finished products.

3 On Your Side began to leave, and that’s when we found Anderson showing up and then quickly leaving after seeing our camera. “If you roll your window down, maybe we can have a productive conversation,” Harper said. After rolling down the window a few inches, Anderson asked, “Who are you?” After Harper identified himself again, Anderson rolled up the window.

Crystal says she’s not surprised to see Anderson run from 3 On Your Side and hopes no one else will pay him for any woodwork. In the meantime, she says these barn doors in her office were made and installed by a reputable woodworker that she hired after Anderson disappeared with her money. Crystal says from now, she’ll always research a contractor’s background, and she won’t hand over money in advance. “Yep, I will be sure to tell everyone my story that I know too.”

Anderson has at least one conviction for contracting without a license, and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors says it’s currently investigating three other complaints. If there’s an update, I’ll let you know.