Pedal Haus Brewery’s rooftop patio a scenic spot for bites & brews along Roosevelt Row

Pedal Haus Brewery is located along Roosevelt Row, just west of 3rd Street.
Updated: Apr. 29, 2022 at 8:00 AM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - As downtown Phoenix and the Roosevelt Row district continue to develop, so does the entertainment and restaurant scene. Anyone going for a stroll through the fun and bustling Roosevelt Row will notice several new apartment construction sites, restaurants and bar/lounges that perhaps weren’t there a few months ago.

One such new restaurant on the block happens to be the newest location for Pedal Haus Brewery, located on Roosevelt Street at the northwest corner of 3rd Street. It might be hard to spot at first glance from the street because it’s actually tucked along a wide alley running north off Roosevelt once you head west from 3rd Street. Pedal Haus opened this new location back in November.

Entrance to Pedal Haus Brewery's Roosevelt Row location in downtown Phoenix.
Entrance to Pedal Haus Brewery's Roosevelt Row location in downtown Phoenix.(Jeff Popovich)

It’s not the only new Haus on the street either. The restaurant that’s actually right along Roosevelt Street in the former Dressing Room space and connected to Pedal Haus is a new addition by Fork & Dagger Hospitality: Sake Haus. Sake Haus, which opened in early April, specializes in (you guessed it) sake, Japanese whiskies, sushi, and has a Tokyo street vibe interior. This bountiful array of foods, drinks and experiences is all a part of the unique vision of Pedal and Sake Haus owner Julian Wright of Fork & Dagger Hospitality. And Wright’s vision of helping transform and add to the lively dynamic of Roosevelt Row doesn’t stop there. Back in January, Pedal Haus debuted a new rooftop patio to add an element of enhanced scenery.

Harmon Swartz, the director of culinary operations for Pedal Haus Brewery, says after solidifying their business after opening in November, the group set its sights on establishing a rare commodity downtown: a rooftop lounge. “Having that kind of outside upstairs space, it gives you a little bit of privacy, a little bit of different perspective on the city. And so far it’s been really well received and we’re excited to see what it looks like in the summer as a little reprieve for people to get outside even when it’s warm,” Swartz said.

Atop this charming rooftop patio, you’ll find backyard-themed turf grass, wood fencing, barrels, and industrial wood-style tables. The tables and upscale bar are all covered by fields of misters for those hot summer days, keeping guests cool and refreshed. Speaking of refreshed, the rooftop patio’s bar has over 12 beers on tap, featuring many of the brewery’s local favorites. Swartz says the atmosphere has become popular with the younger crowd who have been migrating more into the downtown area.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from young professionals and people coming upstairs for happy hour meetings with their groups who work in the downtown area, people coming just wanting to sit outside. It’s really interesting because it’s kind of like someone’s backyard. If you live in a high-rise or you have a condo, you don’t typically have an outdoor space unless you share it with everybody else, so this kind of acts as your backyard hangout,” Swartz explained.


For the pièce de résistance rooftop experience, how’s about a stellar and well-rounded food menu? From alluring appetizers, enticing entrées, pub burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas, the Pedal Haus food menu has something for everyone! Below are some notable contenders worth trying:

  • Bavarian Board - While only served on Wednesday as a part of Pedal Haus’s Pretzel Fest (all day every Wednesday), the foods on this board will have you anything but bored! The house-made Haus Mustard is delicious with this soft-baked pretzel. It’s not too pungent and has a good hint of sweetness. The house-made theme continues with Padel Haus’s Biere Blanche beer cheese sauce, which accompanies the brewery’s beer brats heavenly. The prosciutto di parma and soppressata are delightfully delicious, but the real winner here is the pretzel itself. Careful and mild salting of this warm and large pretzel hits all of the notes for any pretzel enthusiast. The pretzel maintains a soft interior and exterior, so there’s no tough chewing or bite and extraneous pulling needed. The pretzel also goes perfect with the third house-made sauce on the board, the maple butter, which essentially tastes like ice cream.
  • Spicy Sow Pizza - The pizzas at Pedal Haus are pretty solid, comprised of unique ingredients to help usher in some noticeably nuanced flavors. All of the pizzas are made with crushed san marzano tomatoes, fresh and dry mozzarella, and pecorino romano cheese. The Spicy Sow gets another guest appearance of large portions of soppressata and savory pepperoni. There’s a nice controlled heat factor to this ‘za, with a surprisingly soft dough complexion. This Spicy Sow is tasty and hits the spot for pizza lovers looking for hearty slices packing some heat!
    • The cool thing about Pedal Haus’s pizzas is actually the science behind how they’re made. Made in double-deck ovens, Swartz says he studied and experimented for hours on how to keep the dough soft while still getting a crispy/slightly burnt feature to the toppings on the pizza when the pies come out of the oven. It comes down to the science of the dough! The dough-making process takes nearly three hours and utilizes very specific measurements of sugar to activate the yeast in such a way that it cooks a particular way in the oven to get the right rise and bake. Who doesn’t love a thorough pizza-making process to be encapsulated in a well-enjoyed meal?
The Spicy Sow Pizza at Pedal Haus Brewery on Roosevelt Row in Phoenix.
The Spicy Sow Pizza at Pedal Haus Brewery on Roosevelt Row in Phoenix.(Jeff Popovich)
  • Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich - Sometimes it’s the little things like locally-sourced bread that can help amplify a dish. Before biting into the meat of this meal, it’s worth giving a shout-out to Pedal Haus Brewery for utilizing local company City Bakery in Mesa for their brioche buns. The freshness is tasted throughout the bun, with a nice little toast on the cut side interiors. The chicken patty has great breading and is quite sizeable. The right amount of buffalo sauce (another house-made sauce) is used to get the heat and flavor across, without being overwhelming or making the buns soggy from over-saucing. The slightest spread of house-made mayo across the bottom bun adds to the flavor profile, complimenting the sauced and juicy chicken. Thicker pickle chips are also used along the bottom, adding that tart and crunch, while a mild helping of slaw rests between the chicken and top bun to round out this solid meal choice.
  • Piled High Nachos - Nachos, a great snack, starter, or shareable amongst friends. So why not get an eye-catching sizeable stack of nachos for all to enjoy? These tortilla chips get loaded with delicious house-made beer queso, pico de Gallo, smoked corn, black beans, freshly chopped jalapeño, sour cream, sliced radishes, and cilantro. And, of course, there’s always the option to add pulled smoked chicken, steak, shrimp, or fresh guacamole. The queso is what really stands out here, made with the brewery’s Mexican Amber Lager. It’s got a thicker consistency, is creamy and sticks well to the chips. There’s a nice heat factor from the jalapeño, with a nice smokiness from the corn. This starter is a solid choice!
The Piled High Nachos at Pedal Haus Brewery in Phoenix.
The Piled High Nachos at Pedal Haus Brewery in Phoenix.(Jeff Popovich)

When it comes to crafting their menu and these mouth-watering bites, Swartz says the hospitality group focuses on assembling upscale comfort dishes. “Stuff that you would get from home, things you might have grown up with, stuff that reminds you of growing up,” Swartz said. “A lot of it has kind of a German flair to it. We do kind of rely a lot on the German influence on a lot of the beers, you’ll notice we have the Bavarian pretzel. We do a lot of the charcuterie boards, we do the Bavarian Board, kind of our promotion to Oktoberfest.”

As the Roosevelt Row district continues to become a home for new eateries, breweries, and recreation, Pedal Haus has certainly established itself as a pit stop worth checking out. Between Sake Haus and Pedal Haus’s rooftop patio, it’s easy to spend a few hours enjoying casual drinks and bites to eat, all within the heart and center of Roosevelt Row. From there, whether you go left or right, the many happenings along Roosevelt Street will keep you entertained (and full) until your stomach’s content! Next time you’re at Roosevelt Row, consider checking out Pedal Haus for a great time and great food -- and check out the rooftop patio too!

This is the sixth segment in a series on rooftop lounges in the Phoenix metro. Arizona’s Family Foodie is breaking out the sunscreen to check out eateries that serve up snacks and modest entrees for those seeking rest and relaxation from atop scenic rooftops. Rooftops often keep their menus small and simple, allowing kitchens to get creative and serve up unique foods to make experiences memorable. So, kick back and come hungry, and let’s enjoy some food with a view!