Scottsdale woman’s mission to keep streets clean

Valley woman adopts two streets & picks up trash around the Valley
Published: Apr. 21, 2022 at 9:18 AM MST
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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Valley woman has a unique hobby: doing the dirty work of cleaning up after other people. Julie Tuomistobell has made it her mission to do her part in keeping our streets clean. And that is Something Good!

She was inspired by various posts on social media, where she found a community of litter pickers worldwide. Tuomistobell first started by picking up trash at a cemetery across the street from where she lives. She picks up trash on hikes and walks. She has found everything from water bottles to bottle caps, beer cans, wrappers, used face masks, and paper.

Tuomistobell creates cool posts on Instagram using the trash she picks up. More importantly, sending a message and encouraging others to do their part to clean up Mother Earth. The yoga instructor said her unique hobby has opened her eyes, “I have learned a lot about how little I really need in this world after seeing how much waste there is.”

She has officially adopted two roadways in Phoenix and in Scottsdale and takes care of these every couple of weeks. “I know some people think it’s weird to pick up trash on the road,” she said. “But quite honestly, now after doing it for well over a year, I think it’s weird if you don’t.”

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