Surprise Squad gives back to Phoenix drivers by filling up gas tanks

Surprise Squad is sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers.
3TV’s Gibby Parra and Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad wanted to pay for gas for some people on a weekday morning.
Published: Mar. 16, 2022 at 4:23 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- If you drive a car, you know it costs a lot to fill up your tank, and it’s making a real impact on the budgets of Arizona’s families. That’s why 3TV’s Gibby Parra and Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad wanted to pay for gas for some people on a weekday morning.

Nobody was yet filling up when the crew first arrived at the Fry’s gas station at 24th Street and Baseline Road, so Parra flagged down a car passing by and invited the driver to pull in for free gas.

“See, that’s how it is going to work,” Parra said. “I’m with the Surprise Squad and Valley Toyota Dealers, and that’s what we’re going to do.” The driver told Parra the free gas would keep her going for a week.

A different car pulled up to a pump, and Parra stopped the driver before she could put her card in and pay. “I want to pay for your gas. What are you sitting on right now? Are you on ‘E’? Are you on a quarter of a tank?” asked Parra.

“I’m empty,” the driver said in disbelief. “I’m completely empty right now.” Parra replied, “We’re going to completely fill it up right now.” “Thank you so much,” she said with a smile. “I appreciate that.”

“I got somebody else here,” Parra said as he moved on to a new car that had just pulled in. “Good morning, how are you? I’m Gibby Parra with the Valley Toyota Dealers’ Surprise Squad. I just want to know, can I fill up your tank? Can I pay for your gas?”

“Oh my gosh, yes,” the driver answered. “Will that help you out much?” asked Parra. She replied, “So much, thank you.” Even though the driver was wearing a mask, you could see her eyes were smiling.

Parra moved on to another car that had just pulled in. “Hi, how are you? Do you mind if I fill up your tank today?” “Heck, yeah,” the driver said.

“Gas is on me this morning,” Parra responded. “How much is this going to help you out?” “It will help,” she answered. “We’ve got a big family. We’ve got eight kids at home, so it will be nice.”

“Because you have eight kids at home, check this out.” He pulled a Visa gift card from his pocket and handed it to her. “As part of the Surprise Squad and the Valley Toyota Dealers, I also want to give you $200. Will that be able to help you out?”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “This is a surprise. Where did this come from?” “It’s part of the Surprise Squad. We just want to do something good. We know how expensive gas is, and we just want to do something good for people today,” said Parra.