CDC advises Americans to avoid travel to Mexico due to high COVID levels

While federal officials don't advise going to Mexico because of COVID-19, for those that do, there are ways to stay safe.
Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 7:46 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Spring break is here, which means people will be traveling to one of the most popular vacation spots: Mexico. A few weeks ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moved Mexico’s travel advisory rating to a level 4 which means very high risk for COVID-19. Mexico is open to travelers, but the CDC is advising people to avoid traveling there. Safety and violent crime in the country are concerns since the U.S. embassy in Mexico issued an emergency alert after two Canadians were killed at a Playa del Carmen luxury hotel in January.

If you do plan to fly to Mexico, you need a negative COVID-19 test a day before your flight to get back into the states. Plus, a new app developed right here in the Valley gives you resources in case you’re caught in some trouble. “People are ready to get out, but let’s not go crazy,” said Rick Murray, the National Security Council of Arizona president.

But the CDC is advising people to avoid going there. But Murray has some advice when you do. “Certainly, wash your hands. In some cases, you may want to wear masks,” said Murray. The CDC also recommends the vaccine.

“The most common question that was consistently come up about Mexico, ‘is it safe?’” said founder and CEO of GrinGO app, Brian Krupski. Krupsi says he used to work at former Gov. Jane Dee Hull’s and former Gov. Janet Napolitano’s offices on cross-border issues. He shifted to tech after that. Now he’s combined the two with the GrinGO app. It’s a free phone app that provides safety and travel resources. “So, we wanted to make it really easy for tourists to have resources where it’s really a direct dial and really easy to find,” said Krupski. “This is their vacation. They’re out there to have a good time and the last thing we want is people in their hotel rooms concerned.”