Surprise Squad pays for Valley viewers’ groceries

Surprise Squad is sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers.
Gibby Parra was the one spreading the news to delighted and grateful shoppers at a Fry's...
Gibby Parra was the one spreading the news to delighted and grateful shoppers at a Fry's Grocery Store near 24th Street and Baseline Road.(Arizona's Family)
Updated: Jan. 20, 2022 at 10:48 AM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- If you’ve gone shopping for groceries recently, it should come as no surprise that prices are on the rise. And if you’re on a tight budget, even a little increase in cost can make a big impact on your bottom line. That’s why Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad wanted to pay for the groceries for some lucky shoppers.

Gibby Parra went into the Fry’s Supermarket at 24th Street and Baseline and headed towards the self-checkout section. He found a mom with a full cart scanning her items. “Hi there, how are you? I’m Gibby with the Surprise Squad and the Valley Toyota Dealers. I see you’re doing a little shopping this morning. I have something for you. How would you like it if we paid for your groceries?”

“My heart dropped,” she said with a laugh. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Parra pointed to the items in her cart. “A good thing. We’re going to pay for all of that.” He moved on and found a woman waiting in line to get checked out. “Hi there, I’m Gibby from 3TV, Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad. Because of the Valley Toyota Dealers, we want to pay for your groceries.”

“Are you serious,” she asked. “I am serious,” Parra answered. “I’m totally down with that, thank you.” “How does that make you feel because I know prices around the Valley, and especially when you go grocery shopping, they’re a lot higher than they used to be.” She said, “that’s funny because I was just walking through the store and not buying things because the prices were so high. It’s crazy. They’ve really jumped.”

“So this will help you out then?” Parra asked. “Very much so,” she replied back. Next, Parra flagged down a man pushing his cart through the store. “My name is Gibby, I’m with the Surprise Squad and Valley Toyota Dealers. We want to pay for your groceries.” The shopper replied, “awesome, thank you. “So when you are ready, come over, let them know Gibby sent you. Does this help you out?”

“It will help me out a lot,” he answered. “Especially this paycheck.” “Have you noticed a difference in prices,” Parra asked. “I sure have. Everything’s going up quite a bit. Not my salary,” he replied. “I got to tell you, I love this,” Parra said happily. “I feel good inside. I’m happy. I could just end my day like this.”