Surprise Squad helps a Glendale mom who has been through a lot recently

Surprise Squad is sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers.
A Glendale mom has been through a lot lately, so her daughter wanted to send her on a relaxing...
A Glendale mom has been through a lot lately, so her daughter wanted to send her on a relaxing vacation.(Arizona's Family)
Updated: Apr. 30, 2021 at 9:37 AM MST
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GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- From some serious health issues to the loss of her husband, a Valley mom has been through a lot lately. That’s why her daughter wanted to send her on a relaxing vacation to forget about her troubles for a little bit. So 3TV’s Javier Soto and the Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad recently paid her a visit at her Glendale home.

“Hi, Sharon?” Soto asked after knocking on their front door. “We’re here to surprise you because we hear you have a heart of gold and you’re always willing to give back to everybody else and we just wanted to come her and surprise you and give back to you. Is that okay?”

“Yes” Sharon replied with a bewildered smile on her face.

“We’re brought here by your daughter because she said you’ve been having a difficult time recently.”

“I thought my mom needs something because she’s been through so much with her colon cancer and her breast cancer and her back surgery and all the stuff she’s been through,” daughter Shauna explained. “I Thought she keeps going, you know? She’s like a little Energizer bunny. Because sometimes I feel like giving up but I look at her and I’m like, no. If she can do this, so can I.”

“As I understand it, the anniversary of losing your husband was just near,” Soto said.

“And he was put in the hospital around the 27th of February. With the pandemic and stuff, I couldn’t go in and see him. And so I had to depend on talking to him at the hospital to see how he was doing and was able to bring him home on Easter Sunday the 12th. And he passed away on the 13th, on Monday. And so I’ve just been working through it all this year. He was a good man. He is a good man.”

“What do you remember most about him?” Soto asked.

“The things we used to do together. How he always liked to travel and do things. We used to have a place in Mexico that we used to go to a lot in Rocky Point. It’s just nice to be by the water.”

Soto presented an envelope to Sharon. “We’re with the Surprise Squad and with our friends from the Valley Toyota Dealers, we would like to get you a houseboat on Lake Powell or Lake Havasu or wherever you feel most comfortable being by the water so that you can relax and you can enjoy and just take all this load that you’ve encountered over the last year off.”

“Thank you, thank you so much,” Sharon said as she hugged her daughter. “We’ve talked about going to Lake Powell and stuff and I keep mentioning it. It’s just something I didn’t think we’d be doing for awhile.”