Two Great Hearts janitors surprised with $500 from Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad

Surprise Squad is sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers.
Surprise Squad honored hardworking janitors at Great Hearts Archway in Glendale. This segment...
Surprise Squad honored hardworking janitors at Great Hearts Archway in Glendale. This segment is sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers.(Arizona's Family)
Updated: Jan. 29, 2021 at 8:00 AM MST
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GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- They are some of the unsung heroes at schools across the country doing their part to help keep our children safe during the pandemic. That’s why the Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad and Valley Toyota Dealers wanted to thank the janitors who work tirelessly to keep the classrooms as clean and sanitized as possible. 3TV’s Gibby Parra went to Great Hearts Academy in Glendale.

While Parra was speaking to students and staff, school janitors Dennis James and Deysi Saucedo were scrubbing windows in the back of the room. They had no idea he was really there for them.

“Can you guys give them a hand?” Parra asked the students after asking Dennis and Deysi to come to front of the room. The place exploded in applause.

“They’re awesome,” Headmaster Jack Kersting told Parra. “They’re always here, they’re always supporting us. They always care about us. They’re always encouraging us. And they’re keeping us safe by keeping everything clean.”

Another faculty member spoke glowing about Deysi. “We live in a time where people are very worried, cautious. We might have a mindset of just go in and do your job. But every day, no matter how many times I pass her, she says hello and even though she has a mask on, I know she’s smiling.”

Parra then revealed why he was really there. “I’m with Channel 3, Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad, and with Valley Toyota Dealers, we’re here to recognize you guys. You guys are doing such an amazing job. The kids know it. Your bosses know it. The faculty here know it. So we’re here to give you $500 each.”

“We love the school,” Dennis said. “That’s all we can say. We love the school, we love the parents, we love the teachers, we love the students.”

“How do you stay so positive?” Parra asked.

“My mother raised me this way,” Dennis responded.

Parra turned to Deysi. “What does that tell you when you get to hear all the good words they say about you?”

“It’s incredible to be with amazing people. Excellent people are here,” she answered.