Monsoon Special 2013: Homecoming for dog lost In monsoon


by April Warnecke

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Posted on June 5, 2013 at 4:48 PM

PHOENIX -- It was three years ago this summer that a huge monsoon dust storm rolled through the Valley, bringing a wall of dust and fierce winds. 

"It was really windy and slamming everything against everything. Trees were hitting our awning and our gate slammed open and Buddy saw an opportunity and bolted," said East Valley resident Jessica Rowe. 

Buddy is her one-eyed Pekanese who ran away during that storm. Jessica posted signs in her neighborhood and searched, but thought Buddy was probably gone for good.

But two years later, she got a surprise phone call from an animal hospital. 

"And she says, 'Are you the owner of Buddy?' and I was like, 'seriously?' He ran away two and a half years ago!"  Jessica was in disbelief. 

This spring, buddy was hit by a car in Central Phoenix and taken to the vet, where they discovered he had a microchip. 

Since most pets are not fans of the monsoon, the Arizona Humane Society often has full kennels during a storm season, according to spokesperson Bretta Nelson.

"The morning after a big storm, people are waiting on our doorstep before we even open up.  They are so upset and distraught.  They have pictures in hand and fliers.  They go through the entire shelter looking for their pet.  It's just a sad, sad time," said Nelson.

You can help keep your pet calm during a storm by bringing them inside and putting them in a room with their bed and toys. Turn on a TV or radio for extra noise. Some owners have even found success with what's called a thunder shirt. 

"You simply put it on like a t-shirt and it applies pressure and it immediately has a calming and soothing effect on them," says Nelson. 

Nelson recommends getting your pet microchipped before this monsoon season arrives.