Valley catches break from heat, rain chances rise


by Kim Quintero

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Posted on September 7, 2013 at 5:34 PM

Updated Monday, Sep 9 at 10:30 AM

PHOENIX -- Fall is in the air in the Valley of the Sun, at least for desert standards. This change in weather looks like it will be sticking around for a few days.

Many woke up Saturday morning to cloudy skies and areas of light showers. Afternoon temperatures had a hard time making it to the low 90s.

The credit for the cooler, damp weather goes to deeper moisture moving into Arizona. There are two sources of moisture we’re working with. The first, of course, is monsoon moisture moving in from the southeast. The second player is tropical moisture from Lorena. This depression is churning near the southern Baja peninsula.

Storms bubbled up across portions of Arizona Saturday afternoon, with most of the activity in the high country. They Valley didn't see any activity because cloud cover prevented daytime heating, which is one of the ingredients needed to see storms develop.

The potential to see strong storms in the Valley is going to be dependent on whether or not the atmosphere has a chance to heat up. We've got the moisture in place, but unless we see breaks in the cloud cover, we’ll be hard pressed to see substantial rain.

With that said, any storms that develop will be slow movers with the potential to drop heavy rain and produce flash flooding. Gusty winds, lightning and blowing dust will also be some threats to look out for.

Sunday morning, look for a low temperature in Phoenix of 81, with an afternoon high of 96. Monday, look for a low of 79 with a high of 91. The cooler temperatures and high rain chances will stick around through Wednesday.

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